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I was given the theme of 'Classy' to style and do the hair and make-up for. The word 'classy' apprear sin my mind as sophisticated beauty and elegence with rich areas contrasted with minimalist clothing. Therefore, a simple polyester v-neck tunic and black flared trousers topped with pearls and bangles fit together to make a perfect combination for a classy style. Picking a tall model was an important factor however, I decided to experiment with shorter lengthed hair. With her hair, i left it almost natural despite the odd back comb and spray. i felt this natural messy look with compliment the rest of the extremely polished look. To add a pop of colour to the minimal look, the eyemakeup and cheekbones have contrasting tones to the outfit but flow with the model's warm skin tone. picking a shade 2 shades darker than her natural skin tone, gives her cheekbones that extra sharpness. For the eyemakeup, a warmer toned smokey eye felt appropriate, mixing in mauve colours with ash tones. the sharp and longed wing eyeliner with addedinner tearduct, elongates her eyes as she looks down.

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