This minimal look was photogrpahed in the studio with simple lighing and simple styling. The pale face was acheived by white paint and powder and left unblended with the rest of the figure's body with the purpose that the audience can see the effect. here lips and eyebrows are also bocked lightly out to leave simple shapes of the features but no colour. The scene needed a contrasting colour to attract and draw the audience's eyes towards. Therefore, a baby pink was added to her eyelids with matching roses to copliment eachother as well as add a sense of nature to the image. While the makeup echoes the colours of the roses, her hair additionally reflects the natural minimal look. with the wet yet natural dried look keeps everythign simple and plain. Despite the bright white bakcground, the pink and golden tones soften the image a little and thisdecreaes the chance of distraction so one can just stare at her eyes and feel tranquil.