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While fashioning fall/winter clothing, the model portrays comfort and class simultaniously. The theme; monochrome. All features were to fit within the theme. To dramatise this simple look, I made her eyemake up a little heavier. Due to the model's monolid, I ensured to highten the smokey eye and increase the pigmentation with charcoal black colour with contrasting aread of white. Using inspiration from 'Black Swan', I extended the smokey wing upwards and elongated the inner tearduct corner. The contrasting colour of red in her lips was only added in at a later stage which was unplanned. the original idea was a nude pale liner and lipstick to add to it, however, i felt that despite the title of the theme, the images needed and pop of colour to smooth the transition between the black, white and her skin tone. While the outer corners were a darker burgandy, this transitions to a deep red and then a palerose pink. This combintation of colours in their place ensures plump and smooth looking lips.

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