Zainab Jiwa

Based in London, Zainab explores art through various mediums within the fashion and creative world.  Being published within Vogue, Sicky Mag, Yoko Mag  and others, she is a professional artist within her field.  She delves within digital art and concept illustrations as well as fashion illustrations. 

Zainab further partakes within cosplaying at Comic Con annually, designing and self-creating her own outfits, and enjoys doing art and teaching within her free time. These can be purchased within the Online Store. 

Graduating with a First Class Honours from  UAL: London College of Fashion, she also graduated previously from Arts University Bournemouth.

To keep up to date with any upcoming work, follow her Instagram pages.

@zainabjiwa @thedrawingz @zdotcom


For any queeries, commissions, or collaboration, feel free to get in contact.



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