Zainab Jiwa

Based in London, Zainab is an artist on paper, on tablet and on the face.


 While delving into fashion illustration, digital art, and watercolours, her make-up artistry and creative direction within the fashion industry has been published in Vogue, Sicky Mag, Yoko Mag  and others as well as exhibited at the Oxo Tower in London. She also cosplays, creates tutorials and does art classes too.

Zainab further is a content creator on social media, with her Tiktok currently at a following of over 300,000 and videos reaching 3 Million views. Brands she has collaborated with include SHEIN, Yesstyle and Lianox.  

Graduating with a First Class Honours from  UAL: London College of Fashion, she also graduated previously from Arts University Bournemouth. 

Currently, Zainab is taking art commissions, private/group lessons, and working to open her art print store! (All of these can be booked on the site)

To keep up to date with any upcoming work, follow her Instagram pages.

@zainabjiwa @thedrawingz @zdotcom


For any queeries, commissions, or collaboration, feel free to get in contact.



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