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Based in London, with a ridiculous amount of hobbies, Zainab's mixed-niches revolves around pop-culture, styling, art and humour. She is a Film and TV show enthusiast with a love for fashion and art,, and expresses. this on her socials platforms.


Zainab's recent work as the red carpet social host at the BAFTA TV Awards is just one facet of her dynamic career. She's also a host for red carpet events and panels, partnering with esteemed brands like Nike, Mac, TikTok, and H&M. Zainab enjoys delving into  Press Junkets in the Film/TV industry, and her media appearances include BBC1, Radio 5, The Asian Network, ITV News, BBC News, and Channel 5 News.

As a verified Digital Creator and prominent public figure, Zainab's influence extends to her substantial online following, comprising 600,000+ followers and 13 million likes. Her content portfolio encompasses interviews with industry talent, styling tutorials, movie reviews, cosplays, and art, all complemented by collaborations with renowned brands such as Samsung, Marvel, Disney, TikTok, Google, and many others.


When she's not creating content or presenting, she learns languages, travels, and paints. She loves to talk, make people laugh and has overall positive vibes. She takes pride in her hobbies, and aims to grow her skills within publicity. 

Her make-up artistry, creative direction and editorials within the fashion industry has been published in Vogue, Yoko Mag etc, as well as exhibited at the Oxo Tower in London. 

Zainab holds a First Class Honors degree from the University of the Arts London (LCF) and has further contributed to the institution's success by perviously serving as a Community Manager within the marketing team.

To stay updated on her upcoming projects, be sure to follow her on her social media accounts.


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